Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Huge Success

Would it be funny to say that I felt like a mini-superstar?

I was nervous like you won't believe. I my hands were shaking so much that I had to put my notes down because I felt that it would make my nervousness so obvious. I thought I'd be lost without my notes, but I just took off ... and it was great. It was a topic that I felt comfortable with and passionate about.

I actually didn't realize how well it went until the audience asked me to continue to talk even into their tea break! So I went on and I loved it. We had to leave the seminar room as another presenter had to get ready for his presentation, so I walked out of the room surrounded by six or seven people all hoovering around me ... I was amazed and so happy. Like D said ... I was a superstar and for the first time I didn't feel too shy about admitting it (just a little though).

I learnt a lot from the conference and felt that it was a very productive trip and the start of many more I hope!

Now my vacation finally begins!!

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