Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Train of thought

The train ride to and from Canterbury is absolutely beautiful. It’s a very smooth and quiet journey down and this time, the scenery of the snow covered hills was breathtaking.

For some reason train journeys really soothe me. My mind wanders as I gaze out at the flashes of life that pass me by. Today’s journey was spotted with frost-crusted tree branches, snowmen on the side of the tracks, kids sledding down a hill, a lone farmer checking that the coats were on tight on his horses … I had never taken a train ride through the snow. It was all so peaceful looking – there’s something tantalizing, yet calming, at the sight of a large untouched blanket of snow – not a footprint in sight.

As my mind wanders I often reflect on the past. Good memories always come to mind – times of laughter revisited, bonds of friendship remembered, feelings for loved ones strengthened. Gazing out at the countryside feels reassuring. Everything seems possible. I think it’s that I’m (literally) moving forward – it reminds me that even though life is fast-paced at times, so fast that everything around me becomes blurred, there’s still much ahead of me – snowmen to build, horses to ride, and that untouched territory to discover.