Friday, November 03, 2006

Skinny Skeleton

So I finally was taken to the hospital on Wednesday. I knew that I should have gone earlier seeing as the pain in my wrist was getting worse and worse. I thought that after a few pain killers and balm the swelling would go down and the pain would ease up ... but I was definitely mistaken.

It wasn't until I woke up in the morning and spent 20 minutes trying to zip up my skirt - because I couldn't get a grip on the material - that I realized that maybe I should get this checked out.

Of course the usual excuses stopped me from going earlier:
- it's nothing, it'll go away
- i don't have time
- what if something's wrong?

So I went. And they took an x-ray. And as I was sitting in the doctor's office staring at the image of my hand and wrist, all I could think of is, wow, my fingers look really skinny. If only the image of my skeleton could walk around instead of all the padding that surrounds it!


After admiring my skinny skeletal image for a few minutes I finally heard the doctor's surprised tone of voice. Apparently I had fractured my wrist a while ago (anywhere from a few weeks to a few months ago). He was asking me all sorts of questions like - when did it happen, didn't I notice, why didn't I come for treatment, how did this happen?

I waited for a few seconds to take it all in and I was like - I fractured my wrist? When? How?

He wasn't amused. But I was serious. I mean, sure I remember a time or two when I hurt my wrist - perhaps from kickboxing or from weight lifting - but I couldn't specifically remember. Besides, I think I have a high tolerance for pain (plus I'm stubborn).

Anyway. There was no way in hell he was putting a cast on my wrist. I mean, my wedding is in two weeks - TWO WEEKS (brief anxiety attack here).

Ya, so he'll have to wait. In the meantime I have a stupid bandage on my wrist that limits my every movement and makes things really difficult for me. Hrumph! Oh well - it's better than the cast, coz' you better believe I won't be wearing it at my wedding!

Now back to dreaming about my skinny skeleton ...