Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inconsistencies. Quirks. Normalcy?

So I reach up with my left hand to grab something from the top shelf of my gym locker. After getting it down, I reached up to that same shelf with my right hand … of course there was nothing else for me to bring down, but I did the action anyway. My friend who was in the locker room with me noticed and had to ask – what did you do that for? And I replied – “To even myself out. I stretched up with my left hand, so I had to stretch with my right as well, otherwise I feel lopsided.”

Yes, yes, I know – she burst out laughing (as is the usual reaction I get when people hear about this) … but it’s just one of those things …

Or should I say one of those many things … apparently, as I’ve recently been told, I’ve got more ‘quirks’ than usual … I think the strangest one that has eluded many of my friends and family members for years is the issue I have with people smelling my food – or smelling food that’s being cooked or served. Now, I’m not talking about taking a whiff of the aroma that’s circling in the air and saying ‘Mmm that smells good.’ I don’t have a problem with that. I do, however, have an issue with someone putting their face close to the food and inhaling (or, as one of my friends does, puts his food up close to his face and deeply inhales!). And no, it’s not the boogers thing as people have speculated. I don’t know what it is, but there’s some psychological switch that once someone smells the food, I won’t be able to eat it … and it’s happened to me many times. It’s just one of those things.

Something else that’s kinda strange is that I can’t have any of my limbs hanging off the side of the bed. It gives me major anxiety … I feel like somebody (or something, like the monster under the bed) is going to pull my hand and drag me who knows where. I think this is because there were two occasions in which I had my hand on the escalator rail while going up and a man aggressively grabbed my hand from the escalator that was going down. It just really freaked me out – and I haven’t been able to shake that feeling. I never, ever hold the rail of an escalator on the side that’s near the one going in the opposite direction!

There are other habits I have which I’ve been told are weird, but honestly, I just see those actions as normal. I mean, doesn’t everyone alphabetize their DVDs by title or their books by author? Wouldn’t you also categorize your clothes by type (ok, I also do it by color, which may seem excessive, but it makes life easier!)?

I don’t know if my phobias should also be included as quirks. I mean, I guess my main phobia is that of dogs. My heart starts racing, I start hyperventilating, and often I just can’t controlled the panicked reaction with major screaming and tears streaming down my face, as a dog approaches me. However, I do have to say that a few months ago I decided that I would try and overcome this fear. I think I’ve done a good job so far. I mean, there have been a few instances where a dog has come near me and I have not reacted … now, actually approaching one and touching it is a different story … but who knows.

I guess my fear of sharks is understandable … though I guess the fact that I have to continuously repeat ‘there are no sharks in the water, there are no sharks in the water’ to myself as I swim … in the swimming pool … is a bit silly. But hey, whatever I need to do to get a few laps done, right?

The fear of birds, well, you can’t blame me for getting a bit freaked out when a bird flies overhead – anything that flies and poops at the same time should be feared!

Oh ... and I have issues about eating a banana in public.


Jade said...

Okay, hmmmm, where do I begin?

Even yourself out? Yes, you're a libra, but isn't this taking 'balance' a bit too far? Hahaha.

I'll never understand the food thing! Though it's definitely a unique quirk.

The limbs thing is strange, but then, having your hand grabbed by stranger is scary, so I can see how you associated the two (kind of).

I hope you get over your fear of dogs. Then you can finally come over and meet Stan!!

I knew you were afraid of the water, but you don't seriously chant that there aren't any sharks in the swimming pool as you swim, do you? Hehehehe, actually that totally sounds like you. Well done for swimming despite your fear (though aren't you a certified diver?)!

I'm still laughing at the whole birds thing. You're not really afraid, are you? Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with Hitchcock's movie as well?

Lol. Too cute!

LMP said...

Issues full stop!
You're insane but that's why we love you.

Lola said...

Thought I would share this from the PostSecret facebook page today: "Statistically, you're twice as likely to be killed by a tipped vending machine than by a shark attack." Knowing you, rather than ease your worry about sharks, you will now fear vending machines! LOL!

Zeb said...

It's definitely the boogers. What else can it be?

Boogers. Birds. Bananas.

Don't know anyone with a list quite like that ;)

LMP said...

Yup. Boogers.