Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nostalgia Part III: Music to My Ears

Nothing like a good tune to start your day ... and nothing like the following tunes to take me back to days of elementary, middle & high school -- Isn't it unbelievable how you still remember the words (and even some dance moves???)

Who can ever forget the New Kids on the Block?! Jordan, Donnie, Jonathan, Danny, and Joey - their ripped jeans, choreographed moves, and oh my, what charisma! Aren't they the ones who really kicked off the 'boy band' phenomenon?

I am still a huge fan of Madonna's ... and though there were many songs to choose from, this one one music video that I knew (and still know) all the dance moves to!

"Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now ..." :)

To what other song do you hum (sing?) the opening beat to than this one?

Don't tell me that you don't start to tap your feet and perhaps even snap when this song comes on! My friends at NES were crazy about Wham! and that soon spread to me - this is one song that always reminds me of you guys (see you this summer!!)

I really wanted to upload MC Hammer's 'U Can't This' video but I wasn't able to download it.

Michael Jackson. Whitney Houston. Debbie Gibson. Tiffany ... among many others are part of my nostalgic music moment. Remember the huge scandal Milli Vanilli caused when it was revealed that it wasn't really them singing?! Didn't they actually have their Grammy revoked?! :)

Well, all these songs/artists have a place in my musical scrapbook!

Happy Listening :)


Amal said...

OMG This is so FAB!!!

Olivia said...

Hahahaha The Locomotion!! I totally forgot about that song. Man, now I feel old!
My girlfriends and I used to do that True Blue dance all the time too! What fun!

Lola said...

The UK kicks ass in music. Growing up, I always loved Scritti Politti, Elton John, Vitamin Z, the Beatles, and so many more.

At ASK our last couple of years: Informer (hahahaha), Dr. Alban (was that his name??) - It's my life, and of course the whole grunge scene.