Friday, March 13, 2009

Nostalgia Part I: TV Moments

While my packrat tendencies have filled up trunks and boxes with loads of memories, going through them over the past few days reminded me of exactly why I kept them in the first place ... This is part of my trip down memory lane ...

Growing Pains ... I had such a crush on Kirk Cameron!


I'll never forget rushing home to watch 90210 and then calling up my friends to discuss what happened on that episode. What drama!


Making lists and planning my routine started from an early age for me. TV time was scheduled into my after-school routine ... come home from school, lunch, 1/2 hr of TV, homework, 1/2 hr of TV, dinner, sleep (something like that). Half hour sitcoms were perfect for my TV time slots - Different Strokes. Silver Spoon. Webster. And, how can anyone forget ... Small Wonder.


Punky Brewster was another favorite of mine ...


And of course, what childhood was complete without the family fun of the Cosby Show?


I'm so glad most of these TV shows are available on DVD now ... I get to relive any chidhood TV moment I want :)


Carol said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Great choices :)

Lola said...

Small Wonder!!! I had forgotten all about that, and now that I think back on it - FREAKY KID!!! LOL!

Olivia said...

Ok. Now I really feel old. I can still watch Bill Cosby reruns non-stop though. Loved that show!