Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Honey I'm High

I love listening to music in my car. For me, it’s one of my favorite things in my day – getting in my car, selecting a CD/playlist, and pumping up the volume … and singing along (at the top of my lungs of course)! Passing drivers must think I’m crazy as I drive by with a huge smile, singing as if my life depended on it and bobbing my head along with the music. What do I care? In my opinion, they’re the ones missing out on some great tunes.

I’m quite picky about what I listen to in the car, and I’ve even got a few specific playlists/CDs to listen to for certain drives. For example, I’ve got my Morning Mix. It’s got pick me up music to get my energy levels up for the day. On the way to the gym I’ve got special motivational music that gets me focused for my workout … and so on.

My music gets me in the mood for whatever I’m heading out to do … and I guess the singing along is some form of cathartic release. It’s only recently that I’ve realized that I actually sing through songs that I don’t even know the words of – sounds crazy, doesn’t it?! It seems that I was passing over lines that I didn’t understand by either making up words … or in some cases (quite a few cases truth be told) actually making up sounds – not words, actual sounds! They’re not words. They don’t exist. What??

Here are a few examples – There’s a line in Shakira & Beyonce’s song Beautiful Liar which I would sing as “I walked in, on your machine, slow dancing” … and every time I’d sing that line I’d think – What in the world are they talking about? Machine? Slow dancing? It just doesn’t make sense … of course I had to look up the lyrics (eventually – basically a few months after singing the line my way) and found out that she was saying “I walked in, on your love scene, slow dancing.” Listening to the song again I guess I can make out those words … but I still say it sounds more like machine!

I was listening to one of Kelli Ali’s albums given to me by a friend … he gave me the tracks without having the songs listed so I had no idea what the titles of the songs were. There was one song in particular that I loved and had no problem singing along to – Run baby run, I’m your steady sun, Meow my si, homany am I – yes, you read that correctly. Doesn’t make any sense. Meow my si, homany am I. I sang that line shamelessly for many, many days (weeks?) until I had to ask him – What the hell is she saying?

It turns out the line was “Run baby run, I’m your setting sun. Hear my sigh. Home Honey I’m High!” Now how was I supposed to figure that out? Seriously. Who could have guess that she’s playing off of “Hi honey, I’m home”?! At least even he admitted that he wouldn’t have known unless he had read the title of the song (obviously called Home Honey I’m High).

Just before you think I’m crazy, I’ve got to give you one more example:
Another friend of mine gave me a CD for my birthday and it had a song by Kylie Minogue called Speakerphone. Now, I’m not a huge fan, but the beat of the song is catchy and eventually I started singing along. When the words “Drop your socks and grab your mini boom box, Do the pop lock body rock let the beat drop” came out of my mouth, I swear I almost had an accident. What in the world did I just say? Go ahead, read that line again – crazy, isn’t it? Well, what’s even crazier is that those are the actual words of the song! Go check the lyrics online. She actually says those words.

Now, can you blame me for making up lyrics as I sing along? Lucky for me (and I guess everyone else) I only ever sing when I’m alone in my car – so I guess I can make up any lyrics I want!


Jade said...
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Jade said...

LOL! I do that too :) It helps when there's nobody else in the car. I've the most 'amazing' lyrics for various songs - wait until you hear what words I've got for Come on Eileen! None of it makes sense, but I swear my words are what they're saying!

Lola said...

Hahahahahaha! Denka didn't you look up the words for "Come on Eileen" after we danced to it at that 80s club in Rochester??

I am so excited that you are blogging again... Keep it up! :)))

Anonymous said...

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